Friday, 16 June 2017

Letters W and V and Unicorn Room: Beach!

Letter W and Letter V
Watercolour Weaving

Letter W prewrite

Watermelon seed counting


Letter V tangram

Letter V prewrite

Wolf seriation(Big, medium, small)
Beach Fun!
Beach Ball stencil painting

Seaside puzzle

Surfboard Pattern matching

Hot Dog art

Felt beach ball puzzle

Fine motor prewrite tracing

Seaside counting

Sandcastle puffy sand painting

Flip flop colour matching

Beach items search and count

Magnetic sandcastle construction

Tape resist surfboards

Seashell counting

Popsicle sponge painting

Ice cream cone painting

Sensory ice cream scooping station

Ice cream number recognition and counting

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Orca Room: Oceans

Octopus number recognition

Seashell exploration

Octopus art
Squid Science: investigating ink

Seashore sensory table

Salt Dough creations

Shark tank water table

Shark science: how do sharks breathe?

Shark species matching

Count the shark teeth

Oceans water table

Shark art

Shark stencil easel art

Feed the Shark counting

Shark math
How big is a shark and how many students can fit in?

Dolphin colour sorting light table

Ocean animals and seaweed water table

Dolphin hands on counting

Beach Day explorations at Centennial Beach

Exploring low tide at Centennial Beach

Our found treasures

Orca Room:Community Helpers

First Aid themed light table

Anatomy puzzle

Doctor's bag band aid art

Band aid patterning

Build-a-skeleton table

Medical supplies patterning

Counting and number recognition

Eye dropper easel art

Fine motor tracing and pre write practice

Fixing Humpty Dumpty art table

Ribbon, playdough, and duplo flossing practice

Healthy food vs unhealthy food
What makes our teeth happy and healthy??

Healthy food I spy

Tooth brush and teeth counting and number recognition

Baby tooth brushing station

X Ray matching
Foam fire spray station

Fire truck themed sensory table

Eye dropper flame art

Flame puzzle

Painting with firetrucks

Firetruck puzzle

Fire badge colour matching

Fire hydrant colour sorting and matching

Police officer badge art

Police Officer vocabulary and prewrite trace

Fingerprint investigation

Police car art

Open ended fire engine light table play