Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Unicorn Room: An Invitation to Explore WORMS!

Uppercase and Lowercase letter matching worms

Wiggling Worm Weaving

Coloured spaghetti worm prints

Fine motor light bright worm play

W is for Worm!
Prewriting activity

Worm and apple counting

Fine motor pipe cleaner worms and birds counting
Worm maze

Roll the dice and count the worms!
Sensory table fun

Worm number sequencing

Wiggly Worm measuring

Painting with worms

Worm and pom pom counting

Number recognition

Measuring fuzzy yarn worms
Vocabulary pre writing

Worm fraction and number mactching

Our worm compost

Open ended worm observations

Fine motor clothes pins and pipecleaner worms
Sensory worm counting
Roll the dice and count out the pom poms to make a worm!
Sensory, fine motor worm tunnels
Scented, textured painting with yarn worms
Apple and worm shape matching
Hands on worm playdough
How many playdough worms belong on this mat?

Inch worm gluing
and fork grass painting

Friday, 12 May 2017

Unicorn Room: Spring Continued

Celery Science:
Observations on how plants absorb water

Sunflower seed counting

Gardening counting and number recognition

Making "seed bombs"!
Clay, mud, and seeds.
Just drop in your garden and let science do the rest!

Spring nature sun catchers for our windows

Hands on counting and number recognition

Mother's Day baking 

Dandelion play dough

Carrot shape matching

Dandelion art puzzle

Vegetable vocabulary pre writing

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Letter R Day

Red roller painting

Raspberry smoothies

Radish garden shape matching

Open ended ribbon art

Building letter R with rocks

Robot fine motor pre writing

A sparkling red water table

Orca room red ribbon art

Rainbow colours at the light table

Orca room red water table

Orca Room Spring Adventures

Fine motor light bright worms

We are "bookworms"!
Muddy coloured bookmarks

Spaghetti worm painting

Birds and worms
Number recognition

Colour matching worms

Fine motor bird feeding with pipe cleaner worms

Worm counting

Worm number sequencing

Worm prewriting

Worms and apples for art exploration

Worm letter match
Linsey, from Growing in the Garden,
came in to help us start our own worm compost!

Learning about the anatomy of worms

Worm hide and seek.
Can you find them??

Wiggling, squiggling worms up close

Some examples of what to put in our compost