Friday, 3 October 2014

October 2014

Happy October, Everyone!

Welcome to our school blog!! As we are teaching the children to be environmentally aware and friendly, it is important to us to be conscious as well.  For this reason, we are moving towards a paperless newsletter.  Each month, we will send you an email with this blog link when our newsletter is published.  Don't forget to check in during the month as well, as you will find some observations and documentation too!

It was a whirlwind September as we welcomed children and headed full force into learning All About Me, Apples and Autumn!  Before we knew it, the grew colder, the leaves began to change and October is now upon us!

Important Reminders for the Month

Photo Days- October 8th/ 9th  
Send your child to school in their best, as we will make sure our art and activities are not messy on those days!
Wednesday October 8th- Orca 4am, Orca 4pm
Thursday, October 9th- Orca 3am, Orca 3pm.  Unicorn 3's, Unicorn 4's.

Thanksgiving- Monday, October 13th  School will not be open.

Professional Development Day- Monday, October 20th  Classes will not be in session.


Pumpkin Patch Field Trip- Wednesday, October 22nd. 
Please return your permission slip to the classroom teacher, as soon as possible.  Remember that regular ORCA ROOM 4 AM class will NOT be in session that day.  ALL Four Year Old classes will be meeting in the Douglas Lounge at 11:00am.


Douglas Park Pumpkin Patch- Thursday, October 23rd
Our very own Douglas Park will be turned into a Pumpkin Patch on this day, complete with real pumpkins and bales of hay!!  Come prepared to explore and take part in some exciting activities. This is an event that has been specially planned for our preschool and will not be a public event. 

As the weather has begun to turn chilly, please don't forget to send your child to class in weather appropriate clothing.  Warm jackets and hats, as well as raincoats and boots when it is drizzling. 

Don't forget to check your Pick Up files!  There is often artwork to be taken home and, sometimes, there will be important notices or forms waiting for you there too!


The Cold & Flu Season is most definitely upon us again, and quite a few students have been away from class.  Our school policy is that a child needs to stay home if they have had a fever, vomiting and/ or diherreah in the last 24 hours.  If they haven't, we ask that you use your discretion in sending them to class.  If they still seem tired, run down and cannot participate, or if it will be hard for them to keep on top of wiping a continuously runny nose, it is probably best for them to stay in another day and rest.
Some of our classes will be exploring CONSTRUCTION this month!!  During classes, the teachers have observed a keen interest in the block corner where the students have been busy working together to construct elaborate buildings!  When we went for a neighbourhood walk, the students were very interested in observing a house being built.  There will be digging in our sensory bin and blue prints on the wall as we discuss different construction vehicles and  tools that are used.

Some classes, have been expressing in interest in upcoming holidays, such as Halloween!  There have been a lot of questions and dialogue about monsters and zombies (the friendly kind, of course!), so we will spend October gearing our curriculum towards relevant celebrations.  There will be much scientific exploration of pumpkins, as well as baking activities!
As always, if you have any questions, please give us a call or chat with us before class.
Orca Room: 604-257-8138  Unicorn Room: 604-257-8139

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