Monday, 1 December 2014

December Newsletter

Happy December, Douglas Park Families!

It seems like we blinked and September turned into chilly, snowy December.  We have a busy month ahead of us, so please read on for important dates and reminders....

Winter Celebration- December 19th 12:30pm- 2:30pm 

If you haven't already, mark your calendars for our year end celebration!  There will be performances from the students, food and socialising time and a wonderful, family friendly entertainer.  Extended family and friends are welcome!  Please note:  There will be no regular classes in session this day. 

Holiday Fundraiser

Samples of the finished product are on display in the cubby rooms now!  (Note: The sample shows just one class, but each class will have a calendar of its own)  Order forms are available by the sign in books.  Please make cheques payable to Douglas Park Community Centre.

Salvation Army Donations

Just a reminder that we are still collecting food, toy and essential items for the Salvation Army Assistance Program.  Toys and essential items will be collected until Monday, December 8th and food donations until Friday, December 19th.  Donation boxes are in the cubby room areas of the class.

Winter Break Dates

Last day of class:  Friday, December 19th.
First day of class: Monday, January 5th. 
Letter G Day:  Friday, January 9th.


  1. Does the winter celebration include performances from all students or just certain classes?

  2. Yes, all of the classes will be involved in the performances. :)