Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Easter Fun!


Easter Egg Easel

Easter Chick Feather Painting

Hunting for Eggs in the Sensory Bin

Feed the Hungry Easter Bunny

Colour Matching Bunny Tails

Light Table Egg Creations

Baby Chicks and Eggs in the Sensory Bin
Marshmallow Bunny + Heat Experiment!!
It started out small and solid....
...Then we added heat...

...And watched it get big enough to fill the plate and turn to a soft, sticky bunny!
Open Ended Easter Decoration Art

Almost Good Enough To Eat!
(Don't worry, we didn't!)

Egg Stamping

Wet Chalk and Tape Resist Eggs

Fine Motor Painting with Mini Marshmallows
Sensory Bin Egg Hunt Fun!
Our Egg and Vinegar Experiment
The children observed an normal egg and all of it's properties (ie. Hard shell, white, pointy ends, etc).
We then placed it in a jar and added vinegar!  Over the next few days, we observed the changes that occurred and made hypothesis' about what the end result might be.
In the end, we discovered that the vinegar pulled the calcium out of the shell, and caused it to disintegrate.....leaving the egg soft and squishy, but still intact.

Fine Motor Carrot Planting

Colour Matching Pom Poms

Easter Egg Letter Recognition

Fine Motor Chick Feeding

Jelly Bean Counting and Colour Sorting

Hide the Gems Game!

Easter Egg Counting


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