Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Groundhog Day and Chinese New Year



                                                                     Groundhog Day
Spray bottle painting
Hand Shadows!

Visual discrimination game
Match the Groundhog to his shadow

Another installment of our Deconstructed Art series:

Groundhog puzzle

One of these things is not like the other....
Can you spot the difference?
Groundhog Day: Weather

Rainbow colour sorting in our sensory bin

A sunshine themed water table
Mud Puddle by Robert Munsch

Story recall language arts activity

Clouds, clouds, clouds!
An open ended invitation to play

                                                            Exploring Chinese New Year
A "Lucky Money" themed sensory bin

Red and gold glittering paint at the art easel

A panda habitat sensory bin

The makings of our sticky, mac tac Chinese lanterns

Fine motor prewriting
Tracing Chinese characters

Our dramatic play area has been transformed into a restaurant@

Chinese character fine motor activities

Fan making station

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