Thursday, 15 September 2016

Welcome back to Douglas Park Preschool!

Happy September, everyone,
We're not sure about you, but our head's are spinning from the summer going by so quickly!  All of the teachers are excited to hear the sounds of children laughing and learning on the playground and in our newly redecorated class environments.
We have a fun filled year ahead of us, and we are so eager to dive in and start playing.

A few notes for back to school:

For those of you that are new, this blog is used as our monthly newsletter, documentation of activities in and around the class as well as important reminders so make sure you check back often or follow us!

  • Please remember to send a change of clothes, including socks, in a small backpack each day.

  • We are a NO NUT classroom.  Please remember not to send any products with nuts.

  • Send weather appropriate clothing for your child each day.  Three year old classes will begin with outside play toward the end of September.
  • Don't forget to sign IN and OUT every day.
  • Please check your child's pick up file each day.  This is were you will find important notices (ie. field trip forms, class contact lists) and art that is ready to go home.

Should you need to reach us:

Orca Room: 604-257-8138
Unicorn Room: 604-257-8139

Here are a few photos of the children from our first week in class.  Please check back often to see photos of how the children are interacting with and learning from the materials we offer them each day!
Geometric shape exploration

Animals and blocks provide an invitation to imagination!

Gross motor fun in the sunshine

The new quiet reading corner in the Unicorn room

Guided Duplo play
Autumn branches decorating
Autumn colour mixing
Feel and Find Bag
Matching lowercase and uppercase stone letters
Hands on art!

A couple of Unicorn room students engaged in social make believe play. 
Imagination in action!

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