Friday, 2 December 2016

Camosun Bog Field Trip

It was a wet and wonderful trip out to Camosun Bog this week with all of our four-year-old classes!  We explored and discussed the flora of the area and used our imagination to move like fauna... and even practiced some bird calls.

Here are a few moments that we captured....

Arriving at the bog and discussing what we might see.

We learned that the bog "supports rare and specialized plants,
filters water and air,
feeds and shelters wildlife,
buffers noise of the city,
is an outdoor classroom for schools, 
is part of Musqueam Nation's traditional territory,
and is a rare remnant of a once larger system
of bogs and wetlands that were located in
Vancouver prior ro the early 1900's."

The bog is surrounded by a raised boardwalk to
facilitate sel guided nature walks.

Out of the bog area and into the forest area.

Our Tree Song.
"My roots go down, down, down
to the ground, ground, ground."

Discussing the items on our scavenger hunt list!

Shelter Building 

Teamwork to lift and carry long branch

Running through the woods as little deers,
then crawling through the woods when we pretended to hear a bear.

One of the many information signs along the boardwalk.

Collecting water to bring back to the class for more observation.

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