Thursday, 30 March 2017

Unicorn Room: Exploring Spring Weather

Preparing open ended drawings at the art table...
Adding rainwater to create watercolour look

Felt rain drop lacing
Fine motor

Eye Dropper rain art

Rainy Day Felt board play
Here come the clouds and rain,
Time to add the yellow rain coat

Weather Puzzle play

Recreating rain drops and Spring showers in the water table

Weather Prewriting and Literacy

Raindrop fine motor tracing

Rainy Day duplo puzzle

Fine motor rain drops

Rain drop absorption exploration

Itsy bitsy Spiders and Rain Spouts
Water table

Rain Boot "mud" painting

Windy Day Weather:
Styrofoam and feather races!

Cloudy Day colour mixing with sponges
at the art table
Weather Science:
Heavy clouds releasing rain drops
Rainbow Objects Colour Sorting
Rainbow Felt Shape match
Rainbow Skittles patterning
Froot Loop Rainbow colour sorting and counting
Rainbow colours fine motor clothes peg matching
Rolling Pin rainbow painting
Rainbow duplo puzzle
Rainbow animal match 
Open ended rainbow watercolour easel
Rainbow science art!
Colour the rainbow spectrum
Fine motor prewriting
Sand drawing to reveal colours
Rainbow Literature
Rainbow puzzle
Gummy bear colour match
Wooden Spring items rainbow match
Spring garden sensory table
Nature Scavenger Hunt
Outdoor hands on exploration

Weather Science:  Making a Cloud
1. Pour hot water into clear jar.  Fill 3/4.
2. Cover opening with metal cup, filled with ice.
3.  Observe water vapor forming on sides of jar as warm air rises and meets cold air.
4.  Lift cold cup and spray small amount of hairspray into jar.
*Vapor in nature needs environmental particles (such as dust) to attach to*
5.  Wait a moment or two for vapor to attach to particles.
6.  Lift cup and watch cloud rise.

Our new dramatic play corner:
The Unicorn Garden Center!

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