Friday, 16 January 2015

In the Orca Room, learning about babies this week......
Feeding time for the babies

Baby clothes washing

Baby oil scented playdough...originally for making "food", but the children decided to make clothes instead!

Baby Powder sensory bin

Creating baby quilt pieces to be sewn together later!

Matching baby socks

Sippy cup light table fun!  Colour sorting and stacking.

Meanwhile, the Unicorn Room has been travelling across Canada!

Calgary Stampede horse jumping

Lower Mainland Cranberry Bog in the water table

Drumheller Dinosaur excavation

An East Coast seashore in the sensory bin

Magnet fishing rods for our Newfoundland fishing village

Quebecois Fleur-de-lis stencils

Manitoba mining and goldpanning!

East Coast lobster puzzle

Maple scented playdough

Maple syrup taffy pops.  A Quebecois treat made by rolling syrup over snow (in our case, ice) and onto a stick!

West Coast totem pole making

Prairie Harvest taste test.  Can you tell which popcorn came from the yellow kernels and which came from the red??

A Prairie Harvest. 

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