Tuesday, 6 January 2015

January 2015

Happy New Year and a warm welcome back to all of our families!

Thank you so much to everyone who came out to our Winter Celebration before the break and made it a wonderful afternoon event.  Don't forget to check your child's PickUp file for art to be taken home.

Salvation Army Food, Essential Items and Toys Donations!!


We hope that the winter break was full of full, family and memory making for everyone.  The last two days in class have been busy with sharing stories, reacquainting with friends and readjusting to our classroom routines.

Now that we have started to settled in, we have some amazing new activities and ideas for moving into this month!

Important Dates and Reminders

Professional Development Day: Monday, January 26th  No class in session today.

Letter days: 
Friday, January 9th  G
Friday, January 16th H
Friday, January 23rd I
Friday, January 30th J

In the Orca Room classes, the teachers have been observing a lot of play and activity in the dramatic play area, specifically with the small baby dolls.  There have been many times when even the busiest of students slow down to show some extra care and gentleness to the babies.

For the month of January, we will be exploring everything baby!  We have already begun to talk about what we know about babies (they cry instead of talk, they crawl instead of walk, etc) and we will build upon our knowledge as we go.  Some activities that you may hear about are: baby baths and diapering stations, making baby food, taste testing, graphing favorites, making our own baby dolls and birth certificates, learning lullabies, and learning about babies around the world.
Our aim for this topic of focus is to help promote and foster caring, empathetic social skills, as well as give the children a chance to gain confidence and pride in sharing their own baby stories and self identity.
Please send in a baby picture of your child so that we can play a guessing game and share our pictures with friends!
Also, we will send home a blank piece of paper for you to write a short description for EITHER The Day You (student) Were Born, or How We Chose Your Name.  We will share these stories with the class as well!
In the Unicorn room, there has been much discussion and excitement about travelling!  Perhaps this comes from some families going on holidays over the break, or having family travelling to visit them...or perhaps we have some amazing armchair travellers in our midst!
This first week of class has been dedicated to exploring and discussing the student's microsystems and mesosystems (the environments and people that each child comes in contact with), such as homes and neighbourhoods!  Our All About Me books will be going home to help support this.  When it is your child's turn, take some time to sit and talk about each page if your schedule allows, so that the students can learn a little more about each other.  Don't forget to return the book in the next day or two, so that another student may have a turn.
The end of the week will conclude will some Vancouver related activities and art, and then we will move into travelling the world!  We have already set up an airport and airplane in the class, complete with a ticket agent station where children can choose a boarding pass before they find a seat on the plane. 
We will be "visiting" some countries from each continent, where will learn about the culture, including traditions, music, language and some cooking!  If there is a country that is near and dear to your family, either because of your roots or because it is somewhere that you've travelled to, please feel free to share that with us so we can incorporate it into the curriculum! 
Also, please send along any travel photos from family trips so that we can share them at circle time and map out Where We've Been on our world map.  We welcome any parents we would be willing to come in to share traditional recipes or songs, etc from their family!

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