Wednesday, 25 November 2015

International Travels: Canada, Mexico, Italy, Brazil, France

Vancouver attractions shape matching
Canadian provinces felt pieces

Orca colour matching


                                                             Crab and lobster puzzles

Artist: Emily Carr

Vancouver's Lions Gate Bridge


Giant memory game

Sombrero number recognition and colour matching

Our flag puzzle

Matching colours in Spanish

Mexican flag colour sorting and weighing

Our green rice cacti art

Building the Mayan Pyramids with moonsand

DaVinci Study: Mona Lisa

Cooking pasta sauce


A pasta filled sensory bin

Painting with feathers and creating
colourful macaws

Coconut scented playdough in our Amazon play zone

Amazonian animals

Monet Study:  Water Lillies

Help feed Pierre!
Fine motor cheese hole punch

Constructing the Eiffel Tower

Painting with lavender brushes

Measuring baguettes and sorting sizes

Crepe alphabet recognition

Patisserie chefs hard at work rolling croissants

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