Wednesday, 11 November 2015

November in our classrooms!

Our group collaborative art project

Let's roll the dice and count our way down the airstrip!

Gradients of blue....
Airplane construction

Letter A Day!!
Searching for the A's in our Aquarium


Sorting apples into their baskets.
Capital and lowercase letter recognition

Building the letter A with various objects

Our Chris Hadfield  Astronaut puzzle

Tracing the letter A through squishy gel!
Cupcake poppy creations

Big and small poppy sorting

Remembrance Day photo puzzles

In Flanders Fields...
Sorting green, red, and blue coloured gems

The beginnings of our balloon print poppies

Sorting red and black buttons into poppy shapes

Collaborating together for our dove of peace

Poppy number recognition
as well as fine motor poppy lacing

Working with clay!
The students squeezed, and rolled, and shaped
their very own tea light holders to celebrate Diwali.

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