Friday, 13 February 2015

As the Unicorn Room toured Asia, we stopped in Japan for Letter J Day!
Cotton Ball Sushi play!

Origami cranes in the sensory bin

Trying our hand at making kappa maki sushi and avocado rolls

Matching kimono colours and patterns
Australia Day!

Boomerang counting

An Australian Treat!  The 4's class made Fairy Bread
Traditional Australian Damper, made by the 3's class.

Dot painting.
Making apple strudel

Cuckoo clock construction

Matching Volkswagon Beetles

Measuring Rapunzel's hair

Watercolour Peacocks.  India's official bird!

Tigers, elephants and lentils in the sensory bin

Taj Mahal puzzle

Making mango lassi

Rangoli designs at the light table
Letter K day

Kiwi art

Counting bows for Kites

Fine motor Knots.

Making Kale chips
Valentine's Week
In both classes leading up to our Valentine's parties, there was much discussion about kindness, friendship and love!

Heart filled sensory bin

Valentine counting.

Rice and petals sensory bin

Fine motor hole punching hearts

Letter recognition.  Matching Uppercase and Lowercase letters

Plasticine crafted chocolates for the bakery

A Valentine's Bakery!  Complete with cookies, cinnamon rolls, heart shaped mixing bowls and decorated boxes for special deliveries!

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