Friday, 27 February 2015

Unicorn Room Pets

The C.A.A.R.E Program came in to visit the 4 year old class.
Talking about Dog Safety; how to approach a new dog.

Cosmos- Working Rescue dog

                                                 Practicing how to tell Cosmos to sit.

Fine motor cat feeding

Cat sensory bin with treats and yarn

Collage cat creations

Geometric cats

Helping the kittens find their mittens.  Colour matching.

Retelling Pete the Cat and his Four Groovy Buttons

Welcome to the Unicorn Veterinary Clinic!

Doggie Kibble sensory bin

Mini dog washing station

Sorting dog bone sizes.

More fine motor feeding

Creating our dog houses, with bubble wrap paint printing


Letter L Day!

Tracing ladybugs lines for fine motor and pre-writing

Lentils and lizards in the sensory bin!

A lemonade stand in the water table

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