Friday, 6 February 2015

The Unicorn Room in February

We've almost completed our worldwide trip in the Unicorn Room!  We've managed to tour countries on almost all of the continents.  Don't forget to ask your little traveller to share the Continents of the World song with you!
"Tell me the continents,
Tell me continents,
The continents of the world.
North America, South America,
Europe, Asia, Africa.
Don't forget Australia,
Don't forget Antarctica.
Tell me the continents,
Tell me the continents,
The continents of the world."
Africa- Egypt
Which Animals live in Africa?

Archeological Dig

Crocodiles in the Nile

Making paper

Building playdough pyramids
Asia- Fiji

Exploring coconuts!  Draining coconut water before we cracked it open.

Building coral reefs

Completed coral reef with salt art fish

Tropical island oasis in water table

A tropical sensory bin for discovery
Our World travel map is filling up!!  Thank you so much all who shared photos and stories.

Asia- Russia

4's class watercolour interpretation of Kandinsky's circles

3's class circle stamping interpretation of Kandinsky's piece.
Asia- Saudi Arabia

One of our parents was kind enough to come in and share a story with the children.
Night falling over the desert......

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